When your name is on the door, you know how important your commitment to quality

really is.  We only use the best​ materials available to fabricate our appliances.  The

wires are chrome/cobalt, commonly known as elgiloy or duraloy.  They are far superior

to ordinary wires made of stainless steel.

     Our acrylics are both vivid in color and formulated to achieve the greatest amount of molecular cross linking attainable in an orthodontic acrylic.  All of this results in the strongest and clearest retainers you can find anywhere.

     What makes us unique is our extraordinary skill set that only years of experience can provide.  Our technicians are

​career minded.  Every appliance created reflects craftsmanship honed through years of listening to the feedback

provided by our dentist clients and their patients.  We have had braces ourselves, so we know firsthand what a comfortable retainer should feel like.  Our motto is:  "We will not deliver an appliance that we would not wear ourselves." We incorporate that sentiment into every piece.  

     The wires are bent to be both eye appealing if visible, and as non-interfering with the opposing dentition as possible. Acrylic is trimmed to achieve the perfect balance between comfort and durability.  Our appliances are finished to be as chairside adjustment free as possible.